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5 Benefits for Teenagers Learning to Code

You might be a teenager, wondering how you’ll spend your summer vacation other than working at your part-time job. Maybe you’re a parent of a teen, wanting them to gain some valuable skills this year besides improving their video gaming prowess in the basement.

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Coding for Teens – How Learning Software Development Benefits Generation Z

The generation after Millennials, “Generation Z” as we Canucks would call them, is two billion strong around the world. If you are looking for “Generation Zombie”, you are reading the wrong article. Some of the attributes credited to Gen Z’ers include:

Born digital, meaning they have grown up around the internet, computers, and have a high propensity for learning new tech – essentially “wired from the crib”
Very entrepreneurial
Place a higher priority on brains and mental achievement or creativity than appearance or being good looking

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Why Teach Kids To Code? Canada's Future Depends On It | Under ...

Why Teach Kids To Code? Canada's Future Depends On ...

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Coding – Effective Training Strategies | Under the GUI

Aptitude for learning technology, and many other subjects is highest when we are children. Learning languages tends to be most effective when kids are under ten. Why wouldn’t the same hold true for programming languages? Many say the minds of children are like sponges, open to absorbing new ideas, skills and behaviours. Like no other generation before them, young people attending school are digital natives. They take to technology more naturally than other generations before them.