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The Mozy Blog

There’s always a conference call, report deadline or “lunch and learn,” which seem to keep your employees at their desk over the lunch hour. Yet the benefits of allowing them to submit the report a little later or plan their calendar more effectively can produce significant gains

Teammembersvideogames article

How to exceed gamers’ customer service expectations through outsourcing

The gaming industry can be a dog-eat-dog world.

With a market estimated at $23.5 billion in the U.S. alone, video-game studios are perpetually locked in a cutthroat battle to produce the next big thing — the best graphics, the best storytelling, the best soundtracks.

Lululemon image 2 article

Lululemon Athletica - AWS Case Study

Several years ago, lululemon decided to offer more digital services and push out new applications and features faster. However, the company had a limited ability to quickly develop new applications because of its collocated IT environment. “We didn’t have the ability to move as quickly as we needed to,” says Sam Keen, director of product architecture, who was recently hired to design and implement the environment for new products.

Firmex boardroom article

Provision your Virtual Data Room as a Board Portal

Boards of Directors need to be constantly equipped with materials which can provide them with
reliable data to make informed decisions. Directors require access before they assemble in your
boardroom, and preparation time is required to ensure meetings adhere to the agenda. Emailing
several large attachments is not only challenging, it doesn’t meet the security requirements which
your confidential documents need to be properly protected.

Shipping article

Try our recipe for a five-star returns experience for your online store

In an ideal world, your customers would be satisfied with every product you deliver, the first time you send it to them. But sometimes clothing doesn’t fit, electronic devices don’t work properly, or furniture clashes with a consumer’s decor.

Theo fleury article

Putting Autism and Anxiety Under Pressure

According to 2014 statistics from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States, about one per cent of the world’s population shows signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Many experts say these rates are growing. In addition, many other children and adults experience irregular health conditions

Hockey referee article

How to play hockey and have fun doing it

Learning how to play hockey well is a great way to learn how to succeed at life. Some of the lessons hockey teaches kids and even adults include:

Being gracious in defeat and humble in victory
Goal setting (and achievement)

Ecommerce return policy article

How ecommerce returns are moments of truth for repeat customers

An article for Canada Post to promote a whitepaper on the opportunities which online shopping returns deliver for ecommerce merchants.

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3 Steps to a High Performing Sales Team

An Oracle eBook on how sales leaders can build a profitable sales organization through mentorship, incentive programs and leveraging an effective sales performance management suite.

Cogeco peer 1 logo article

Cloud Hosting | Managed Hosting | Cogeco Peer 1 Canada

I wrote the web page and landing copy for the new, improved Cogeco Peer 1 website, in collaboration with The Community agency.

Hockey shot hockey movement article

HockeyShot: Hockey Training Aids , Hockey Training Tips & Videos

Engaging in an off ice training program is the best way to get in great shape for hockey. Our 4 week training program is designed to help you reach your hockey training goals.

Our hockey training program has been designed by training experts and contains hockey-specific exercises designed to help you target specific muscles used in hockey. Each workout is divided in 4 segments, each important to help you attain your goals.


Making Predictions: The Future of the Hyperscale Data Center ...

Making Predictions: The Future of the Hyperscale Da...

How smart health article

How Smart Technology Benefits the Healthcare Industry

How Smart Technology Benefits the Healthcare Industry

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How to increase sales revenue using automation

If your company's sales organization is like most high-performance sales teams, the priority will be to optimize customer face time, and minimize administrative activities and paperwork.

Puffy cloud article

Do hybrid cloud services deliver real value to Canadian businesses ...

The opportunities of hybrid cloud services have been heralded by global computing leaders for several years now. CIOs and IT leaders across Canada are constantly approached by software, infrastructure and platform as a service vendors to move their data and business processes to the cloud. Several of Canada’s leading CIOs met with IT World Canada, and CIO Roundtable sponsor, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in Toronto recently.