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Engineering Ideas from Concept to Product | Pivot Magazine

Some of the greatest Canadian inventions have come from people that recognized a need in the market with a problem to solve. You might have seen them on Dragon’s Den, or you might have experienced their inventions first hand ranging from the Abdominizer to the zipper.

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BY MARK BURDON  |  PIVOT WRITER If you have ever watched professional wrestling, or soap operas (kind of the same thing) you will often see that sometimes when the forces of good and not-so-good join together, they can take on a more formidable foe. When Batman and Catwoman team up...

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Business Plans, Mind Maps and White Boarding – Ways to Start, Innovate and Keep on Track

BY MARK BURDON | PIVOT MAGAZINE WRITER Whether you have just started your small business, or if you have been in business for a few years, it is always great to have tools to help you brainstorm, change direction, and circle back once in a while to make sure that...

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Defending the Dragon’s Den – Even Mr. Wonderful

BY MARK BURDON | PIVOT CONTRIBUTOR Not all entrepreneurs watch television. Some just don't have the time. However, most of us have a series or two that we really don't want to miss. Every Wednesday, I enjoy tuning in to CBC's Dragon's Den series, which has been running for about...

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Collaboration, Motivation and Creation: Coworking

BY MARK BURDON (@MARK_BURDON)  |  STARTUP CANADA COMMUNITIES MEDIA Coworking is a unique experience. With all the business slogans that you hear in advertising, what could be more inspiring than “Because Working Alone Sucks.” – ......

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The Peg – Home of Ramp Up Manitoba & AssentWorks

BY MARK BURDON (@MARK_BURDON) | STARTUP COMMUNITIES MEDIA The Startup Canada Communities have had the good fortune of gaining a great deal of media attention as a grassroots community of passionate individuals dedicated to fostering ......

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Taking Care of Yourself Is as Important as Taking Care of Business

BY MARK BURDON | PIVOT MAGAZINE WRITER The Art of Small Business conference in Toronto was a full agenda of six of North America’s most respected gurus of entrepreneurial and business expertise. Most of the presentations were compelling discussions about str ......

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Canadian Startups Fuel Social Media

BY MARK BURDON (@MARK_BURDON)  |  STARTUP CANADA COMMUNITIES MEDIA Public social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn work well for the masses, however what about the idea of so ......

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Promote Your Business by Volunteering with a Non-Profit

BY MARK BURDON  |  PIVOT WRITER If you are starting to feel like your Startup business isn’t having enough impact or isn’t visible enough in your community, you are not alone. You might be feeling that the traditional networking channels are not enabling you to meet enough prospects, or maybe...

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Connect with an Accountability Partner to Meet Your Goals | Pivot ...

Connect with an Accountability Partner to Meet Your...

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Rise of the Maker Space

BY MARK BURDON  |  PIVOT WRITER If you are the type of person who loves to get your hands on power tools, or revels at  the thought of making new gizmos and innovative thingamabobs, find out the location of your local Hacker Space, Maker Space or Fabrication (Fab) Lab. Often...