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Puffy cloud article

Do hybrid cloud services deliver real value to Canadian businesses ...

The opportunities of hybrid cloud services have been heralded by global computing leaders for several years now. CIOs and IT leaders across Canada are constantly approached by software, infrastructure and platform as a service vendors to move their data and business processes to the cloud. Several of Canada’s leading CIOs met with IT World Canada, and CIO Roundtable sponsor, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in Toronto recently.

Cio collaboration 600x250 article

Workplace: Tearing down walls builds up collaboration | IT World Canada News

successful business transformation involves tearing down walls – literally.

Digital transformation is not just about technology. It also requires re-engineering the work environment to encourage collaboration and innovation. It can be challenging for employees to “think outside the box” when they’re inside a cubicle all day. Strict hours and a lack of technology tools are also frequent barriers for high performing teams.

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Privacy and the Internet of Things: Practical or paranoia? | IT World Canada Blog

The Internet of Things opens up new considerations consumers need to be aware of when using devices which can distribute our personal behaviors across the interwebz.