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I am a Hubspot Inbound Certified B2B technology writer and marketing professional with over fifteen years helping customers acquire and adopt solutions such as CRM, ECM and IT Security.

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Customer engagement 300x214 article

How To Use Social Media to Engage Your Audience | Content ...

How To Use Social Media to Engage Your Audience | C...

Seo progress 300x225 article

Organic SEO and Social vs Pay Per Click and Boosted Posts ...

Putting all of your Inbound Marketing Investment into Pay Per Click is not a wise strategy. An approach balanced with Social Media signals and Organic Search Marketing is a much wiser choice. Click the image for the story on gShiftLabs.com

Youtube wpo article


Fine Tuning Your YouTube Presence - Webinar by Brandon Gilmore, Blog by Mark Burdon


Keyword Research Strategies: Raising the Bar on Content Marketing

Keyword Research Strategies: Raising the Bar on Con...

Website accessibility aoda 300x210 article

Making your website accessible to the visually impaired and for people with physical challenges can pay great SEO dividends.


Shoppingcart 264x300 article

gShift Releases New SEO Ranking App in the Shopify App Store | gShift

The new gShift Shopify app is designed to help store owners identify where they are positioned in the search engines and how to outrank their competition....