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Enterprise & Cloud Content Management | Gennet.com

Regardless of the Enterprise Content Management application stack you choose, you want to be sure you’ll be able to make the most of your investment for many years to come. Outside of your ERP system, there is no other technology which has the depth and breadth of impact on your organization than enterprise content management. A properly implemented ECM solution reaches across departmental boundaries, respects workflow and management hierarchies, and fits in seamlessly with your structured data systems.

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Enterprise Search | Content Management | General Networks

For the past several years, the search spotlight has been focused on optimizing the discoverability of content on the public internet. The super powers of web search— including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing —have been duking it out for clicks and attention for years

Cloudbuildings article

Document Management - On Premise or In the Cloud

Which is right for your business?

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What is Big Data? And Why Is It Important to Me? - General Networks

What is Big Data? And Why Is It Important to Me? - ...

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Enterprise Content Management – You Know it’s Time for an Overhaul When…

With exponential growth of unstructured content and increased scrutiny on records by regulators, the demands for more sophisticated content management systems move from nice-to-have goals to must have priorities. Complex, high volume workflows require more processing power.